A Full Dozen

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12 yrs Anniversary Collage12 yrs Anniversary CollageCelebrating Our 12th Anniversary This is my husband and I.  We spent a lovely day and night celebrating our 12th year of marriage and had a fabulous time.  Massages, Dinner, An awesome walk on the beach and then movies.  Squeezed everything we could into 1/2 a day:)  "L" stayed the night with a great little friend and I am so grateful that we have such a wonderful support group in our community:)  

As always, my photos here are me setting up the scene .....getting my exposures and then running back into position before the 9 seconds runs out on the camera.  I admit it it's kind of a fun challenge.  I don't recommend it for everyone, but my husband has become very patient with my silliness and creative side.  In fact I think he enjoys the insanity sometimes, because he can now laugh and go along with my ideas instead of trying to figure out "Why"?   

My husband and I are very proud that we've made it to 12 yrs.  We are very different people, see things from polar perspectives much of the time and were raised  totally differently.  Our challenges have been many and I'm sure there will be more to come, but the one thing that truly holds us together is our willingness to try.  We are much better lately at noticing what we DO have and stop focusing on what we may wish were different.   We are so lucky in so many ways and everytime we look at our beautiful daughter and the life we have created, I think we both know inside that it all exists because of "US"... our choices, our willingess and of course some of my nagging:)  I pray that we have many more years together and that we continue to see past our differences and recognize the good in one another.  I Love You Preson...it may not always sound like I do, but without you I would have none of this.  Thank You for still loving me.


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Due to all that is taking place with the Corona Virus.  I am presently holding off on planning future photo sessions.  I trust all of you are well and i look forward to when we can create together again.  I miss so many of you.


Lisa Michele