A lover of light and magic,photography has always drawn me in.


I was gifted my first "point and shoot" when I was twelve and at that time I had no idea how much a little black box would enrich my world. Quite honestly, I can't remember what life was like without a camera in hand.


My degree in video production provided me an exciting twenty-year career in television as a videographer, writer and editor. This was an incredible experience, but once I married and gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, I decided to return to my first love: still photography.


I was reminded of the POWER a still image holds. It's ability to capture a single moment that we can look back upon forever. A tiny treasure in a single click.


I've now lived in the Pacific Northwest for over ten years and consider it home. My journey will forever include a camera in hand and looking for magic in the ordinary.  Please feel free to look through my work as it conveys what catches my eye and how I connect with my subject.


Let's capture those tiny treasures in your life.


lisa michele