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So it's been a long while since i've blogged.  For many reasons, i took some time away from writing about my  business, but for many new customers who do not know me well, i believe it's important to give them a look at what's continually going on in my career.  So here i go....trying this BLOGGING thing again:)  

As many know, my beautiful daughter has a love of dance. She has given so much of her energy and heart to this passion since she was about 4 years old and In the past two years, she had to leave the dance family she knew and loved so well.  She's found a lovely new dance community, but it's taken time to settle in and transition.  With recital coming soon, this month is filled with long rehearsals, building sets, advertising, choreography, lighting, sewing costumes and more super long rehearsals in preparation for their yearly show.  So last week, we did a fast and furious shoot with the three main characters from the show in order to get marketing materials made.  

As I was editing these on my computer at home, my daughter was stopped in her tracks and said "OMG,'s so strange to see different dancers on your monitor, i'm use to seeing all of the dancers we've known for years!" And she was right, editing totally "NEW" faces after 10 years is surreal for both of us. In that moment, we both had to take a deep breath and realize that it's time to accept the "NEW" and celebrate it:)  


So here's to Pacific Dance Ensemble and their upcoming show of "PinnochiA"  These are just a few of the beautiful dancers that we've gotten to know and we look forward to building more friendships and capturing more lovely "NEW" faces.




PinnochiA, Jiminy Cricket & The Blue Fairy.


May 24, 25, 26, 31 &  June 1,2


For more information about the upcoming show, please feel free to email me.

pr group with glitterpr group with glitter

jiminy postjiminy post

pinocchio prpinocchio pr pr Sparklepr Sparkle








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Due to all that is taking place with the Corona Virus.  I am presently holding off on planning future photo sessions.  I trust all of you are well and i look forward to when we can create together again.  I miss so many of you.


Lisa Michele