Rain, Rain Come & Play.

March 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I had an idea weeks ago that I had begun to work on and it just never got finished, so I've decided to create  a little something with what I did acquire. It's really not complete, but I know someday I will look back on this and treasure the video clips of "L".  I've been practicing with different lenses on my DSLR video  and it's so different than shooting with a Pro level video camera. I will need more practice to achieve my goals, but in the meantime i'm enjoying shooting movement again:)  Editing is very time consuming and tedious and after being an editor for over 17 years, I remember how one can really get burned out. Partly, because there are many more levels of tech that you need to consider as well as aesthetically....audio, music, movement, content, storyline, script etc....It's like a huge puzzle that has to be slowly pieced together.  I actually began my editing days when everything was still AB Roll and all on 3/4 inch tape... WOW have things changed!  Most of you probably don't even remember the days of tape:) In the end even though the digital world has taken over, the process of creating is still the same, but keeping up with the tech side of creating is overwhelming at times.

Well It's late, I'm rambling and I'm quite tired, so I will leave you with this. 

I enjoy the Rain.  It reminds me of the days when I was very young and lived in England.  Long walks in the rain with my Mother and sister along little paths are still clear memories.  Today I enjoy the rain with my daughter and I'm so grateful she enjoys a good rainy day. Watching the drops fall from the sky and of course listening to them fall upon the roof late late at night have always been a favorite. 

Have a beautiful rest of the weekend and enjoy the rain when it falls your way:)







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Due to all that is taking place with the Corona Virus.  I am presently holding off on planning future photo sessions.  I trust all of you are well and i look forward to when we can create together again.  I miss so many of you.


Lisa Michele