Look Closer.

May 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The lovely night rain brought a beauty that many often disregard.  For me it was like i'd been showered with gifts and it was the perfect reason to escape into the world of "Horton Hears a Who" :)   When shooting macro, I'm amazed at how many things in life we actually miss.  This lens on my camera, forces me to engage and slow wayyyyy down!  I notice everything....I see angles better....light better and I don't overlook the mundane. In addition, this style of shooting brings perspective to questions i may have ...  I realize that I may not be seeing things exactly as they are....maybe i need to look closer or take a little step back to get clear focus. It truly is my own little form of therapy.  So for just a few minutes today....I took the time to search for clarity....for the beauty that's staring me in the face....and looking for the intricate details that connect us all.


Remember to stop and look.  You'll be surprised what you may find.



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Due to all that is taking place with the Corona Virus.  I am presently holding off on planning future photo sessions.  I trust all of you are well and i look forward to when we can create together again.  I miss so many of you.


Lisa Michele