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This post is one that i've been wanting to do for awhile, but have held off as it brings up so many emotions in me.  Now with time to reflect, I'm finally giving it a go;)



As a photographer, I always talk about "fleeting moments" I see the world as snapshots or photo sessions in my mind everywhere I go.  I  am a believer that whether it's with a professional photographer or even a friend who enjoys photography, it's important to document these moments and relationships. These personal connections and experiences are a part of our journey and they shape who we become.  I talk about it this all the time and i'm fortunate enough to do this for many beautiful families and individuals. I say all this and have to admit, that even with all the photos I take in my own life, I too need to document more  of the people and experiences that exist in my world. But i digress...  the following session is from five years ago, but it wasn't till more recently that it made me look more closely at my work and what I offer my customers.

My long time friend and customer had asked me to do a session while her mother was visiting from the midwest.  She wanted something that included her mother, her beautiful daughters and herself.  Essentially three generations of the beautiful females in her family.   We planned the studio session and had a fun afternoon capturing images of these lovely ladies snuggling and giggling. At the time, it was like many of my sessions where I enjoy our time together, capture the connection, share my joy and passion while providing my customer with their desired final products and they were happy. 


Without going into too much detail, my dear friend's mother became ill and everything changed. It was hard to learn of her mother's illness as this woman was a world traveler, a motivated woman who stood with intensity and strength.  I still remember the morning my friend wrote to let me know her mother had passed, it was New Year's day and  I was absolutley NOT expecting this news. My heart was heavy as I knew my friend and her family were hurting. In that same conversation, I was informed that the images from this session were to be used for the memorial and that this was how they wanted their mother to be remembered.  It was a moment that i won't forget...these images carried weight to them, these were now what I always spoke about, "moments that can never be captured again".  I'm honored to have been able to make these images.

IMG_2274IMG_2274 IMG_2187IMG_2187


When we realize that everyday is a gift and that none of us knows what tomorrow will bring, the world looks different, so take some time today to just stop and be in the moment.  Take it in and cherish it....whether that's in a picture, journaling, a poem or some other way of holding it close to your heart. 


Much love,









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This Unexpected Time.  Sharing What I'm Passionate About.

It's Spring Break and we are in the midst of this Covid 19 scare.  This is an experience no one had expected and it has become more and more real every day.


With all of the additional downtime and things coming to a screeching halt, we decided to make lists of things we always say we want to do.  Personal lists that we can prioritize to keep us busy and productive:)  One of Layne's goals has been to learn how to use a DSLR and really get a better handle on how to shoot we started this process last week.


I'm honored that she's willing to let me share my passion and that she has an interest, so here's the beginnings of our time together doing photography with her behind the "BIG" girl camera:)  I've pretty much said that we are going to do it the "Good Old Fashioned" way....which in photo lingo means "All Manual Mode" and with only one fixed lens.  This can be daunting, but it's better to start here....back in the"film" days, it's all we had and how we all learned, so if she can grasp this here and now....she'll be miles ahead:)

First is just getting use to the camera and where all the buttons are:)  She's obviously had a little practice with this over the years, but not much.  Then to consider her best options depending on where and what she was trying to capture.  I loved watching her mind working:)



She's catching on quite fast despite having to understand all the numbers of ISO, F/stop and Shutter Speed and how they interact, but i'm doing my best to simplify it for her.  Below is a little photo fun we had on the beach before the State Parks were shut down due to social distancing was fun to see her on the other side of the camera and to share what i love so much with her.  She shot at the settings she liked best and captured some images that i'm more than happy to use:)   7R8A40847R8A4084








It's so exciting to see her behind the camera and to have my photos taken:)  













Here you can see that the images i shot of Layne are much lighter and the images she shot of me are more true to the scene.  She found herself most comortable with an f/stop that i tend not to use much and i explained to her that it's  actually "safer" to have shot the images here way because they can always be brightened if she desires....whereas darkening and bringing back details is not so simple.  I have always over exposed and fought to bring my highlights back...especially in the "film" processing days.  Now it's kind of a part of what i'm known for with my On-location work and it's just my style, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the "right" thing to do.  So once we get into editing, she'll better see what I'm referring to.  Man....we will need months off to get to all that;)  

collage IIcollage II

We practiced...focus, depth of field, and determining what you need to do to get a well exposed shot:) Like i can be a bit overwhelming to do all this in Manual Mode so i was really proud of what she captured:)  (Proud Mama bear) 


Then of course we decided to just take a little time to discuss "movement" and shutter speeds....this is such an embarassing image, but It must be shown that i did my best to get my feet "off the ground" to get some movement for her....I shoulda just twirled in the ocean instead;)  And of course my dancer girl/athlete can jump as if it is nothing:) IMG_9957IMG_9957





























All in all we had a lovely afternoon, with more than enough laughter to keep us risen above the COVID 19 crisis.  

This is a little collage from what i shot on our outing. collage IIIcollage III


I hope to have more to share regarding this little venture...just grateful it's an interest for her.  Photography has been a part of my life since even before her age and I honestly am so grateful to have it.  I never feel bored or frightened to go anywhere alone because with my camera i feel like i have a best friend:) 

Let me know what goals you have been trying to achieve during these past weeks....or past times that have put some fun into your day:)  


Stay safe and create a little magic:)

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New Faces

So it's been a long while since i've blogged.  For many reasons, i took some time away from writing about my  business, but for many new customers who do not know me well, i believe it's important to give them a look at what's continually going on in my career.  So here i go....trying this BLOGGING thing again:)  

As many know, my beautiful daughter has a love of dance. She has given so much of her energy and heart to this passion since she was about 4 years old and In the past two years, she had to leave the dance family she knew and loved so well.  She's found a lovely new dance community, but it's taken time to settle in and transition.  With recital coming soon, this month is filled with long rehearsals, building sets, advertising, choreography, lighting, sewing costumes and more super long rehearsals in preparation for their yearly show.  So last week, we did a fast and furious shoot with the three main characters from the show in order to get marketing materials made.  

As I was editing these on my computer at home, my daughter was stopped in her tracks and said "OMG,'s so strange to see different dancers on your monitor, i'm use to seeing all of the dancers we've known for years!" And she was right, editing totally "NEW" faces after 10 years is surreal for both of us. In that moment, we both had to take a deep breath and realize that it's time to accept the "NEW" and celebrate it:)  


So here's to Pacific Dance Ensemble and their upcoming show of "PinnochiA"  These are just a few of the beautiful dancers that we've gotten to know and we look forward to building more friendships and capturing more lovely "NEW" faces.




PinnochiA, Jiminy Cricket & The Blue Fairy.


May 24, 25, 26, 31 &  June 1,2


For more information about the upcoming show, please feel free to email me.

pr group with glitterpr group with glitter

jiminy postjiminy post

pinocchio prpinocchio pr pr Sparklepr Sparkle







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Papaya Dulce Recently had the opportunity to photograph some of Papaya Dulce's lovely jewelery line.  I've known this beautiful young woman since before she was born and it was truly inspiring to see how she has evolved into such an amazing soul.  Her eye for simplicity and beauty is apparent and I was so excited when she asked if I would photograph some of her work.  A beautiful Fall day in Seattle led us to these images and I can't tell you how much fun i had capturing her style and essence.  Check more of her work out at papaya dulcepapaya dulce

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Creative Freedom  

What more could an artist desire than CREATIVE FREEDOM....and that is exactly what dropped into my lap this past Summer when Dr. Heidi Pahls of Bee Happy Dentistry asked me to collaborate with her and create the final art for her new office space.   My vision was to keep the images local in nature and be sure that they provided a message of inspiration for her client base.  The final pieces were beautifully printed on large format high gloss metal so that they created a contemporary centerpiece that added to the modern look and feel of the office space.  It was so exciting to see my work printed on such a grand scale and I am very proud to have been part of this entire project.

Here are the final images that you would see throughout the office space....feel free to stop by Bee Happy Dentistry in North Bend to get an even better look!

Chalk memoriesChalk memories

idea for main sitting areaidea for main sitting area IMG_9084 copyIMG_9084 copy IMG_9983IMG_9983   IMG_1937 copy1IMG_1937 copy1 Blue Lagoon 16x20Blue Lagoon 16x20 IMG_9021IMG_9021


Final square Shel_669 copyFinal square Shel_669 copy

Let Your Joy RiseLet Your Joy Rise

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Into the Fog FogInto the Fog It was a windy, foggy morning (always my favorite) not only because fog provides an ethereal backdrop, but it also feels healing in someway. I decided to take a long walk in order to find quiet....the kind of quiet that forces one to listen and observe.  I walked maybe a mile or so with the wind against my back while the swirling fog and ocean mist continued to create a magical setting of solitude. Slowly walking the rack line, I found some beautiful little gems to photograph as well as a few to fill my pockets:)   The powerful ocean tide continued to take over my sandy pathway, pushing me faster and farther to my final point. Tired and cold I finally sat to just take it all in and listen.  Mind you, as a very visual person, sitting and listening takes intense effort for me, but I continue  to struggle through in order to improve this skill.   I heard the wind, the surf, the dune grass flailing, the seagulls laughing, the sand sailing across the surface like little glass beads, the teeny little sandshrimp crazily hopping and of course i could hear my BREATHING...smooth and intentional.   As I  opened my eyes I realized the fog was getting thicker, I  could see very little behind me or in front of me.....THAT WAS IT...that was my lesson for the day.  The reminder that everything is continually changing, that nothing stays the same forever and that by letting go and observing, nature will take its course.    My entire walk had been visually expressing this to me... the new treasures that showed with each ebb and flow...the constant change in light and shadow...the new paths that were created as ocean waters took over...and the shift in sand as the winds constantly blew.  I was so happy.  Not only was I happy to have gained this little bit of insight from my walk, but I was ecstatic to finally find my exit (out of the fog) and into my warm snuggly car.  I trust that each day may bring you a lesson, one that will help ease your day or give you that extra little push you may need. 

Thank You to all my friends and followers.  You all inspire me and support me in ways I am truly grateful for....don't know where I would be without you.





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Day by Day This post is a difficult one for me to write about because it's about someone I dearly love. Imagine fighting everyday to win the battle with Cancer.   My friend has been defying the odds for over 6 years now and Doctors to this day are truly amazed...but unfortunately she is still not in remission.   My amazing friend and I have known one another since childhood. Our 42 year friendship has been one of girly giggles, high school heartache, college craziness and on into child rearing.  We've been close in proximity, we've been distant, but no matter where we are mapped, I always know that I am in her heart and she is in mine. 

My recent travels to visit her gave us time to catch up, be present and share more of life together.  I was ecstatic when my girlfriend was open to me photographing her with her close friend "KARMA", her sweet little dog who gives her love all day while kids are in school and family life gets crazy busy.  KARMA cuddles, plays and snuggles all the time...a true example of  "woMAN's Best Friend" and pure unconditional love.


While my friend was resting or needing space, I was able to share time with her beautiful children.  They continually amaze me at how mature and thoughtful they are.  They have had to face some of the most difficult challenges and stressors as children, yet they seem to rise above it and show their kindheartedness to those who enter their home.  Making me breakfast...delivering me coffee....and even playing and painting with me:) 

Thank You to both of you for always sharing yourselves with me:)




I wish I were closer in proximity to offer more help, it's very difficult for me to leave her and know that I can't do much from far away.  I pray everyday and send as much positive energy toward my friend and her family.  She is my example of a true warrior, continually choosing LIFE despite all that it entails in her world.  She is also a reminder of how each day is a gift and many of us including myself take this for granted.


I Love you Marielle....thank you for all that you have given me in life and all that you continue to replenish.







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Look Closer. The lovely night rain brought a beauty that many often disregard.  For me it was like i'd been showered with gifts and it was the perfect reason to escape into the world of "Horton Hears a Who" :)   When shooting macro, I'm amazed at how many things in life we actually miss.  This lens on my camera, forces me to engage and slow wayyyyy down!  I notice everything....I see angles better....light better and I don't overlook the mundane. In addition, this style of shooting brings perspective to questions i may have ...  I realize that I may not be seeing things exactly as they are....maybe i need to look closer or take a little step back to get clear focus. It truly is my own little form of therapy.  So for just a few minutes today....I took the time to search for clarity....for the beauty that's staring me in the face....and looking for the intricate details that connect us all.


Remember to stop and look.  You'll be surprised what you may find.



macro fbmacro fb

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New Friends Had a fantastic set of shoots this past weekend for a project i am working.  I truly enjoyed meeting each family and had lots of fun playing with bubbles....bubbles and more bubbles:)  A BIG "thank you" to each and everyone for your time, energy and as one sweet little girl reminded me "COURAGE" in creating this lovely imagery:)


Dr. HeidiDr. Heidi

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Across the "Pond" Our last day in England was glorious! We spent the afternoon along the English Channel snacking on shrimp and tea and soup. The sun was bright and the wind was strong. For our last bit of time together my sister and her son were "singled out" to do a quick photo session:)  My nephew is quite the "snuggler"  (a mother's dream) and so it made my job of capturing their fun playfulness that much easier.  You both did fabulously and I want to thank you for allowing me to do what I LoVe so much!  I can now say I've done my first  "International Portrait Shoot" ;) 


I trust these shots will be "Forever Memories"

Love you! love you mostlove you most untitled-8397untitled-8397 just for funjust for fun untitled-8235untitled-8235 emories"!


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Friday Fun!  

This shoot lifted my spirits and made a fabulous beginning to my weekend.  Not only did we have alot of fun playing, but it was a very meaningful shoot. This was the last of a series that we had begun when Baby V was a newborn:)  She has grown and progressed so beautifully and I'm still so grateful that I was able to share their first year together as a family.  Below are just a few shots from our fun session as well as a couple of shots from our past sessions.  Today's photo fun included lots of little costume changes, colorful balloons and a yummy looking cupcake.  Thanks to each of you for making this year so magical!  I trust your images will forever bring you happy memories of your first year together as a family:)



From our very first session.  A big Thx to "Grandma" for helping us on this day:)


From our second session.  Ohhhhh those eyes!


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8x8 for BLOG8x8 for BLOG Our first day visiting the cool blustery English Channel. In the distance is the town of  Bognor Regis.  The pebble filled shoreline was such a drastic difference from our coast here in the Pacific Northwest.  We saw very little sand, but some of the most beautiful smooth golden hued rocks and lots of lovely little seashells.  Dad and Layne enjoyed skipping rocks across the teal green waters, while I of course captured the fleeting moments.   I could have spent days collecting rocks and shells, but transporting them home would have been quite a challenge:)  Layne and I chose just a couple of our favorites...she did lose one of her most treasured rocks, which apparently looked like it had crystals inside.  I felt sad that it had gone missing, but reminded her how special all of the stones were and so we carried those home and have placed them on our little shelf to enjoy.  Our new collect as many little rocks and shells from coastlines around the world:)


English Channel

1. (Placename) an arm of the Atlantic Ocean between S England and N France, linked with the North Sea by the Strait of Dover. Length: about 560 km (350 miles). Width: between 32 km (20 miles) and 161 km (100 miles). French name: La Manche

Bognor Regis

(ˈbɒɡnə ˈriːdʒɪs)

1. (Placename) a resort in S England, in West Sussex on the English Channel: electronics industries. Regis was added to the name after King George V's convalescence there in 1929. Pop: 62 141 (2001)
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Who Knew???? untitled-9970untitled-9970 So with the beginning of 2015, and a desire to grow in many areas, I've decided to do a little self portraiture this year.  I may not post all of this to my work BLOG, in fact i was hoping to post this onto my BLIP folio, but cant seem to access it and will have to deal with that over the next week or for now here it is on my BLOG. 


I've been having so many feelings lately about getting older and how that impacts my daily life and choices.  I deal with so many youth when working and lately everyone seems so young if I'm the only one aging.  Call this a mid-life it whatever you want, but I never realized I would have all these thoughts and feelings and have to navigate through them. 

My first thought that has been heavily on my mind is that when I was young and thought about being "grown up", I always envisioned myself 20 or 30 something. I never considered being in my 40's or 50's....that seemed too far away..or maybe I thought i'd never be there?????  I always thought of having a child too, but  never saw them older than 3 or 4.    Now here i am at almost 47 with my beautiful almost 10 year old and I'm not prepared for this. This is ground I never thought or dreamed about...this is seriously unfamiliar territory.  

I feel as though I have accomplished so many of things I dreamed about as a youth, prom, college, career, marriage, babies etc...and now other than my passion for photography, I feel a little bit lost...or maybe i should say unfocused.  And dare I say it....a bit scared.  So much change happening....physically, mentally,'s like puberty all over again, but with the lack of hormones! 

Well, I could go on, but I must head out for the day....and I"m getting "unfocused" again. 




If you have any feelings similar, feel free to share:)  Maybe we can navigate this together.


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Laugh make me laugh-1make me laugh-1


This one is one of the most unique situations I have encountered in years while photographing a child.  This little guy almost seemed like he did not want his photo to be taken, so I let him watch for a while and slowly but surely he thought it might be kinda cool.  Then I asked him..."what makes you giggle?".  His response surprised wasn't just the content, but the detail of what he requested.  He said "The only thing that really makes me laugh is when someone hits another person over the head with a pillow".  Talk about specific!  So that's exactly what we did:)  These are the images we captured....and I sooooooo wish you could have heard all of the laughter while these were shot.  Imagine behind me two grown ups....bonking the other one over the head with a big pillow.  I mean literally taking turns to get some good Ol' giggles out of this little boy. 


My reminder for that day.

Never discount children and how well they know what they desire....they may not always tell us, but deep down they know themselves better than we realize. 



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Just a reminder. Iona Speidel-4620Iona Speidel-4620 As I continue to share some of my favorite stories, I am reminded about several things as a photographer.  This image is a HUGE reminder to me about just "taking a breath and letting go".  This moment happened as I was giving the little girl directions while posing in front of my lens.  At one point, I had asked her to look over at a red car so that I could capture her cute little profile and then I got side tracked for a few seconds.  As I looked back, i noticed that this sweet girl was slowly swaying and humming to herself:)  She was still looking over toward the red car, but had somehow become quite relaxed in front of the camera and she literally began to dance.  I quickly began shooting as she was beginning to add in her fluid arm movements and just before a gentle twirl.  It was just beautiful to watch her move and the fact that she could do this and give me such fabulous eye contact and emotion is what made this shot so fantastic:)  I am a true believer, that setting the scene is important, but letting go and allowing things to happen is really the KEY. If I had continued to direct her....and not given her those few seconds of quiet, this would have never occurred.  Yes it takes a bit of trust between the subject and the photographer for something like this to occur as well, and I'm so happy that she felt comfortable enough to share herself and let go.


Thank You:) 

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Shhhhhh I don't regularly BLOG, and when I do, it's because the image or topic is something I want to share and keep as time passes.  Blogging allows me to keep things in a safe place, A place I can always come back to and reflect on past projects.    As many of you know I recently photographed a school this season and while doing so, I met so many beautiful children.  I'm going to use a few of my BLOG posts to share some of  the images that really struck me while photographing them.  But more importantly I want to share the  stories that go along with the photographs... that's what truly makes these images so special!  It's the tiny little moments between my shutter being released and the words and actions that I am so lucky to be involved in.


This sweet little girl confidently walked right up to my lens. Now remember, when I did these shoots, I was very close to these little ones with my lens...not more than 2 feet away.  So I can hear almost everything they are thinking and feeling.  As I was giving direction to her, she boldly said "shhhhh....listen."   I asked "what am i listening for?"  and she glimmered a little bit and then quickly snapped her little fingers . "i can snap!" she boldly stated  "I heard it" I replied and she told me that she had just learned how to do this from her best friend:)  I felt so lucky to have been shown her new found skill and even more lucky that she was willing to show  while I snapped away on my camera:)


The joy of that tiny moment is what I love.  Yes I do love to capture beautiful images, play with light and get all dressed up for shoots, but when I can do that and be part of a really true moment....then I know Magic has happened:) 


May each of you notice the teeny tiny magical moments today.






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The Many Faces This is just a portion of the many faces that stood before me and my lens for school pictures this Season.  Every child gave 100%, whether they were giggly, bouncy, intense, silly, or as many can confirm.....crying.  Yes that's right the toddlers definitely challenged me and a few just did not want any part of me:)  I respect each and everyone of you for sharing your little personalities with me and making this imagery come to life.   I have a list of people I would like to thank for assisting on this project, so please keep reading because it honestly takes so many people to do these type of shoots. I'll begin with Kara Moore, Director at Just Kids Early Learning Center. What can I say,  but a big thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity, trusting my ideas and always answering my texts:)  To the entire staff of Just Kids Early Learning Center, thank you for rounding up all of the children and going out of your way to prepare each child for the camera....not to mention answering so many questions regarding pictures and helping my customer base!  Avena Singh for her support in sooooo many ways and especially keeping me focused;) Janene Hanson for always entrusting me with her children and being available at the drop of a hat!  Marinell Croson for giving me carte blanche to her children's faces so often:)  The best "kid tickler" in the Pacific North West, Jeremy Chaney of Jaycee Fodo for getting even the toughest talent to giggle:)  Without Jeremy's assistance on this project I would not have been able to shoot for so many hours and keep organized!  My family for always being there to support me and my art....and for dealing with so many hours without Mommy!  Last but not least, to all of the parents for preparing your children and investing in your children.  I trust that these memories will forever bring smiles to your face.    I'll be in the thick of processing all of these for you and look forward to hand delivering them very soon.


Ta for now.


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Success:) Thank You to each and every parent for preparing your children so well.  They all looked lovely. I could tell that you took the time to make your child's images special.  From sweet little accessories to fabulous hair do's....I had so much fun photographing their stunning looks:)

Each child gave me their all...we had just a few who were very timid, but I was quite  overwhelmed at how quickly most of them were able to jump in front of the camera and "go for it".  So many beautiful personalities and sincere hearts....this age is so wonderful to capture.  I'd also like to say a special thank you to my assistant Jeremy of JayCee Fodo.  Without his help I couldn't have captured some of these sweet moments...he was able to  FB BLoG updateFB BLoG update make the kids laugh and keep me organized!!!!!   I'm presently downloading all of the images and reviewing them...I shot over 3000 pictures and it is truly going to be a challenge to choose the best ones.  I'll be culling and processing for the next few weeks and will then provide you with more information so  you can see everything for yourselves.  I will also be creating a list of the children that need re-takes and will schedule another date to capture any students that may have been missing.  Dates will be determined soon.  If you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm working in my cave getting all of these beautiful images prepared for you.  Please call me if you have any questions.



Wee Photos


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Art & Business  

For BlogFor Blog So excited to be working with one of our local schools and offering school portraits with a bit of a twist. I've been following several photographers who are making big changes in the photographic community, so I decided to "jump on board":)  I know kids today have thousands of pictures taken by their parents, but none the less, yearly school photos are still a tradition.  I absolutely LOVE  spreading out my daughters school pictures to see how she has changed over the years, but the same pose and the same background year after year after year has pushed me to the edge.  My goal on this project is to bring a bit of fine art and realism to this beautiful school tradition.  So here I go... I can't wait to meet and photograph all the little faces at "Just Kids Early Learning Center".  See you all next week!


Ohhhhhh and I can't forget to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU to all of my fabulous little models that helped me practice my set up and editing process.  Hugs to each of you!

For more details visit








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Stepping Out Working on more of my personal work lately.  I love to create and design new things and as always my mind begins to go in all sorts of directions. This shoot is with another one of my very talented photog friends and I give her extra stars for working on the opposing side of the lens:)  *****.    It's always scary to step out of your comfort zone and being exposed in front of the lens is definitely tricky...especially when I ask my models to do some of the silliest and craziest things.  This particular image is not originally what I had intended to work on, but I think that's why i like it the most.  It came from a last minute thought and these were literally the last few images  we shot during our session. 


This is a reminder to trust those crazy ideas and "go for it":) 

emma_290 fine aemma_290 fine a


Step outside of your comfort zone....see what just may LOVE it!




emma finea_300emma finea_300

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The Magical Little Mermaid I'm surrounded by so many magical things and often I take them for granted. Today's Blog is a reminder to look at the magic around you and to create magic in your everyday lives.

Here's a little magic that happened in my life this week.  Thanks to the talented Mom of Baby "K", I was able to create this magical little image.  We did several set ups and each were unique....that's a lot of work for this wee one to deal with, but she was amazing and gave me her best:)  Here's the final result "little mermaid"


Trust you all find or create some MAGIC in your day.

Sandra’s seen a leprechaun,
Eddie touched a troll,
Laurie danced with witches once,
Charlie found some goblins gold.
Donald heard a mermaid sing,
Susy spied an elf,
But all the magic I have known
I've had to make myself.”
Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends









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A Full Dozen 12 yrs Anniversary Collage12 yrs Anniversary CollageCelebrating Our 12th Anniversary This is my husband and I.  We spent a lovely day and night celebrating our 12th year of marriage and had a fabulous time.  Massages, Dinner, An awesome walk on the beach and then movies.  Squeezed everything we could into 1/2 a day:)  "L" stayed the night with a great little friend and I am so grateful that we have such a wonderful support group in our community:)  

As always, my photos here are me setting up the scene .....getting my exposures and then running back into position before the 9 seconds runs out on the camera.  I admit it it's kind of a fun challenge.  I don't recommend it for everyone, but my husband has become very patient with my silliness and creative side.  In fact I think he enjoys the insanity sometimes, because he can now laugh and go along with my ideas instead of trying to figure out "Why"?   

My husband and I are very proud that we've made it to 12 yrs.  We are very different people, see things from polar perspectives much of the time and were raised  totally differently.  Our challenges have been many and I'm sure there will be more to come, but the one thing that truly holds us together is our willingness to try.  We are much better lately at noticing what we DO have and stop focusing on what we may wish were different.   We are so lucky in so many ways and everytime we look at our beautiful daughter and the life we have created, I think we both know inside that it all exists because of "US"... our choices, our willingess and of course some of my nagging:)  I pray that we have many more years together and that we continue to see past our differences and recognize the good in one another.  I Love You may not always sound like I do, but without you I would have none of this.  Thank You for still loving me.

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Rain, Rain Come & Play.

I had an idea weeks ago that I had begun to work on and it just never got finished, so I've decided to create  a little something with what I did acquire. It's really not complete, but I know someday I will look back on this and treasure the video clips of "L".  I've been practicing with different lenses on my DSLR video  and it's so different than shooting with a Pro level video camera. I will need more practice to achieve my goals, but in the meantime i'm enjoying shooting movement again:)  Editing is very time consuming and tedious and after being an editor for over 17 years, I remember how one can really get burned out. Partly, because there are many more levels of tech that you need to consider as well as, music, movement, content, storyline, script etc....It's like a huge puzzle that has to be slowly pieced together.  I actually began my editing days when everything was still AB Roll and all on 3/4 inch tape... WOW have things changed!  Most of you probably don't even remember the days of tape:) In the end even though the digital world has taken over, the process of creating is still the same, but keeping up with the tech side of creating is overwhelming at times.

Well It's late, I'm rambling and I'm quite tired, so I will leave you with this. 

I enjoy the Rain.  It reminds me of the days when I was very young and lived in England.  Long walks in the rain with my Mother and sister along little paths are still clear memories.  Today I enjoy the rain with my daughter and I'm so grateful she enjoys a good rainy day. Watching the drops fall from the sky and of course listening to them fall upon the roof late late at night have always been a favorite. 

Have a beautiful rest of the weekend and enjoy the rain when it falls your way:)






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My Little Valentine LoveLoveA Valentine Weekend Valentines Day and a long weekend....what more could you ask for:)  With the heavy rains and winds these last few days, I felt it was the perfect time to build a cuddly fort.  It wasn't minutes before I began creating this little space that we lost power.  This ended up being the perfect place to relax as well as a pretty nice little photo studio where Mommy could play.  Between movie watching, storm blowing, napping and telling stories our "Love Shack" was a hit for the weekend.   Also, for those of you who knew of my very difficult beginning on Valentines morning, our neighbor is doing much better.  She is still in the hospital, but recovering well and we hope to see her home soon!  Thank You for all of your support and kind words.

Have a beautiful week!

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Celebrating ME Birthday CollageCelebrateMy 46th Birthday Shoot This photo shoot is 6 years overdue!  When I turned 40 I had wanted pictures of myself, I felt as though 40 was a milestone that needed to be documented.  I had just recently had my first child and had just arrived in OR.  All in all, the photos I desired didn't happen, I think I got one little snapshot in Shore Acres and left it at that, but now that my business exists and I am getting more and more into women's portraiture, I decided that this was it...It's my birthday, and It was my turn to be in front of the camera to celebrate Me:) Well this is probably one of the best things I could have done for myself, it was fun, invigorating, frustrating and eye opening in many ways.  First it's always important as a photographer to be on the "flipside" of the camera so you can relate with your customers, and relate I did:)  As women our first thought is "What will I wear"????? and then....holy cow, I need to lose 20 lbs! I tried squeezing into several outfits that I so badly wanted to wear, but was reminded that I cannot fit into anymore and I must admit, I wanted to cancel the whole shoot!  Then I said "NO"....this is important and your not waiting another 6 years to do this. The two things that kept me moving forward was that I had scheduled hair and make up and the reality check that if I couldn't do this for myself, how could I expect my clients to believe in me? I finally found a simple "stretchy" little skirt...some beautiful fabrics to wrap around me and of course a few little cakes and grown up pillar candles (thx YOUR SPACE).  I was and make up were beautifully done by Raegan Meservey and I had set up my studio just the way I wanted.  Now to begin the shoot:)  Me and my new shutter release were about to party:)  Well, it was a NO Go on the tech side and I was super frustrated!  Plan B....teach my make up artist super quickly how to shoot and to set up a few shots where I hope to be in Focus:)  These were some of the final results and I must say I am Happy.  Not only that I have beautiful images that will forever be with me, but that I went through with it...that I took the time to Celebrate ME and MY life.  I don't think there is ever a perfect time to create these images...its true that the perfect time is the HERE & NOW.  Raegan CollageRaegan Collage

Thank You Raegan for sharing in this experience with me.  For making me feel so lovely even under pressure and for especially making sure I captured these images.  You stepped in and helped make this a reality and for that I am forever grateful.  Of course I absolutely LOVED scarfing down those BIG cupcakes with you too! 


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All that YOU are. YOU promoYOU promo

For all that YOU are and all that YOU hope to be.

I'm glad that you had fun with this "M" and am super excited that these lovely images will forever exist for your girls and family.


While editing these images, I couldn't help but think of how I would like to be photographed.  What type of images would i like to have for my family to remember me by and would I want to be portrayed?  I love the clean classic look that we used here, but I'm sure that doesn't fit my personality.  I need to be surrounded by all the things I love...glitter, cameras, lots of props oh and of course some outlandishly girly outfit...maybe a fairy godmother dress in the forest:)   I do have a few plans churning...let's see if I actually ever bring them to reality.  For me, it's the ideas and planning that are so much fun!

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Feminine This shoot was especially fun to prepare for. It was filled with all of my favorite things....flowing tulle, damask, furs, pearls and delicate lace. These were the motivators for my vision, which was to capture the romantic, sensual, feminine side of my subject in a way that she would treasure.  As many women know, it's this romantic/feminine side of ourselves that often goes I decided that it's time to start focusing more on this magical side of ourselves.  I hope to do something similar for myself this year on my birthday.  I want an image of myself that my daughter can look back on and see my soft feminine beauty....and of course I admit, I want to have a beautiful image of myself that I can look back upon when I'm 90 years old and looking through my treasure chest:)  Thank you to my stunning natural beauty for trusting in me to capture these images and for allowing me to wrap you in soooooo many different fabrics:)


Ok something this week to nurture that feminine side of you....take a bubble bath with candles....dust on that talcum or pull on those pearls and enjoy:)

Feminine Beauty



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Untitled-1MommyThe moments before a new life. Editing some photos today that I've been meaning to complete and of course I just couldn't keep them to myself.  Here are a few more shots of Mommy before her beautiful girl was born.  Baby is now 2 months and has brought so much happiness into the world.  I'm so grateful that I was asked to capture the before....during....and after of this little ones life.

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The Light in my Everyday.  









When it comes to my everyday life, I am continually amazed how beautiful Oregon is.  I feel so lucky to be living among such beautiful scenery and lately we have been having some fabulous Fall light to make it that much more magical.  I've been busy practicing with different styles of lighting and prepping for several shoots.  A few customers had to be rescheduled due to the crazy wind and rain last weekend, so my  fingers are  crossed that Mother Nature plays nice this weekend:)  It's super late and I should be asleep, but I really wanted to get this finished so I can focus on editing and customer needs tomorrow.  I trust you all find beauty in YOUR days....even in the simplest of things... and when things do get tough and stressful....just stop and look for that ray of's out there:)


Good night:)

and have a great tomorrow.


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Time Tick tock, Tick tock, Tick tock....the time is slipping away soooooo quickly lately.  It's just like our parent's said it would be...and now I totally know what my Mom meant!  I can't seem to get half the things done that I want to and more ideas and interests keep creeping in.  "Stay focused" I keep saying to myself and still I see something else that peaks my interest. I'm sure many of you can relate...I see so many talented and crafty friends who are continually creating and of course those of you on Pinterest like myself are constantly finding even more....ohhhhh if life could just stay still for a bit.    Last week i finished up edits and met with new customers for upcoming shoots.  One of my consultations took me to Powers and I've always wanted to see the area, so hubby and I made it a day trip:)  We had so much fun seeing the beautiful scenery and I can't wait to do the shoot out there. Also I just purchased a few little props for a tidepool shoot that is planned....can't wait to see what the kids think of them. But even though things are super busy and continually moving...I did take time to remember that it's my friends and family that are my greatest supporters. Thanks to all of you...for the kind words, the positive feedback, the breakfasts, coffee breaks and laughs.  Thanks to Preson and "L"  for always helping me carry things...pose for me....and enjoy the little world we have made for ourselves:)

Blog Post 9-23-13Blog Post 9-23-13

Well, as I said time is flying and I have to run off to help at my chid's school so have a beautiful week everyone!





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Always thinking. My head feels as if it is spinning with ideas lately.....things I want to make, Ideas I want to try, and goals I want to accomplish for both business and personal reasons.  Today, I had many things on my list to accomplish, but as always I need to prioritize and find time for my family as well.  It's 3:00 on Sunday afternoon and I've barely accomplished a thing....I did make a lovely french toast breakfast and get the house a bit in order for the upcoming week...Sunday morning's are often a time when I become a bit on the "annoying" side. It's as if the walls are closing in on me and I want everything back in its place.  I want the house in order so that we can be more productive during the school the homework we have dance clothes about grocery needs etc... As you can imagine, when Mom rises it can be a bit stressful to those living here.  Thank goodness I have two amazing helpers that work with me and once my concerns are settled, I seem to be able to breathe again and relax for the remainder of the day.  So here I am just about to write and I feel the need to take a walk give me 30 minutes and I shall return:)

continued below

Blog Post 9-15-13Blog Post 9-15-13

I"m back....and wish I could say it was 30 minutes, but life took over and dinner had to be made along with dishes to be cleaned and baths to be given.  I try to remind myself that it's all these little daily tasks that make up the moments in our life...and it's these moments that need to be treasured.  Someday my little girl will be grown up and I'll wish I had all of these things to do:)  I already look back and miss those moments when she needed me to get her dressed and read her to sleep...all things that at the time seemed monotonous and now they are gone.  So my point today is that... well...I don't have a point really, I simply feel all over the map today, but as I looked over my imagery from the last few days, the one thing I see as a constant is the idea of gratitude.  I am exhilarated with all of the positive feedback I have received from my customers, both old and new. Many new inquiries are coming in and I feel so honored that my work is of interest to others.  I will admit, that I am my hardest critic and even after 20 yrs of working in video and photography, I feel overwhelmed with all one must know to stay current in the field.  My most recent shoots these past few weeks were with brand new customers and I am so happy to create new friendships while creating memories for these families. Their belief in my abilities overwhelms me and it forces me to really look at myself and how the outside world views me.   The images above were moments that stopped me or made me see how lucky I am in my life.  They are the simple little moments in life that pass by and I say "Thank You" for letting me see these and recognize them.  Take a few moments to recognize the signs of change in your world and just stop to inhale the moment before it is gone.

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the memories ARE forever photo(4) And THIS IS why I have always LOVED the art of photography.  The ability to look back generations upon generations and to get a peek into a totally different era.  I was recently surprised with a box of fabulous historical photographs of my family, this being just one of them.  This beautiful picture allows me to look at my very own Grandfather when he was a young boy:)  These are precious to me....small intimate pieces of a family web....images that I trust will forever be in our family. Even today with my own photography business I work hard at creating imagery that will be something my clients are proud of and something they desire as a family heirloom.  With so many pictures being taken on so many different devices each and every day....remember to set those very special ones aside....PRINT them and PROTECT them:) 

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Dreams IMG_1188-2



I was so excited to be able to capture this image and all that it least to me.  This is what being young is all about.....the dreams, hopes,visions and goals of what is yet to be.  This lovely beauty has been Miss Coos County's reigning Princess for the past year and has aspiring dreams to be Miss America one day.  May each and everyone one of us in this world nurture our children's dreams and give them that excitement of being alive and reaching for the stars. 



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Family An unexpected death in our family brought many of us together recently...we were sad and bewildered at all that we had to deal with, yet among the difficult challenges, we were able to be close again for a short time.  This image is of my sister Denise and was taken at the recent gathering we had for our lost family member.  It's rare that she will let me take her picture, so you can imagine how elated i was when she agreed to do an impromptu little shoot while we visited our hometown in Arizona.  I love this picture because the light is so luminous upon her hair, the rough desert textures look soft and gentle and it truly is the most delicate image I have of my little sister to this day.


I do miss the open spaciousness of desert, but I definitely don't miss the heat.

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A first. FB Promo 6x9 What a wonderful first!   This lovely young lady was my first H.S. Senior shoot and boy did it bring up a lot of feelings.  One thought that continually crossed my mind was....."my little girl will be here at some point".  Can't even imagine my baby being a Senior in H.S. and ready to leave the nest!@#$%^&*  In addition, while shooting a teenager, I didn't have to sing "twinkle twinkle little star" once...and still she shined:)  Thank You "A" for choosing Wee Photos to capture these images.  I trust they will forever remind you of this special time in life.  I can tell you are going to have an amazing adventure, your goals and dreams sound fabulous:)

Go forward and conquer!


Wee Photos




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It's all coming together. 8x10 Gold Collage

These beYOUtiful women have given me their all!  I feel so honored that they have let me photograph them and I am continually

learning and practicing the style I hope to achieve.  Although they often look comfortable and casual, I'm telling you they are working hard at

following my annoying directions and holding positions that aren't so leisurely.

This beauty was particularly patient as I had her come to the studio twice in order to capture extra things that I desired. 

But what makes this image even more special is  the FABULOUS  custom lounger designed by  "Your Space Designs".   Your Space Designs has beautiful ideas and offers items that are unique to our area.
If you haven't had a chance to visit this fun and unique store you MUST!



More images to come from this shoot:)  So keep watching or sign up for my BLOG.


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Labor of Love This is what I did on Labor Day:)  Worked with a lovely lady who is filled with intensity and passion.  As always I get overwhelmed with ideas before a shoot and I have to just say "OK pick something and start there"....then my creativity begins to become a reality.  These shoots with my beautiful female friends have been so inspiring and each time I grow just that little bit more in what I am wanting to convey and offer.  Our day on this shoot was filled with giggles....glam time and gorgeous images.  Barbara thank you so much for letting me be your photographer and for your trust in me. 

lisa8x8 for Blog posting




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Step by Step... Today was another test to see if I could achieve my vision. Luckily I have amazing friends that are patient and trusting.

My good friend from "Inspire Designs Photography" was put to the test and she did an amazing job with following direction and being creatively flexible.  

Below is a taste of what we achieved:)  If you want to stay updated on this and other products that I am working on, please subscribe to this BLOG.


Collage Avena 1



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Getting There... Collage 4 I am very excited to be getting a little closer to a new product line that Wee Photos will be offering this Fall.  Still perfecting it for my clients and trusting that this will be another fulfilling creative outlet for me.  Since my 40th birthday, I have wanted to create something for women that allows them to showcase who they "have become".   I truly believe that at specific stages in life you gain a wisdom that you can only gain by life experience...and that wisdom is seen through the individuals eyes,expression and soul.  I want every woman to see that inner beauty and wisdom that they have created through their life experience.  It's "All about YOU".  


I have more work to do till I offer this in its entirety, so please stay tuned.  


Thanks everyone:)



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Unleashed Finally!!!!!! I have gotten my computer back and my little "Apple" is working again.  For those of you who know how frustrated I have been lately, I feel as if I have been unleashed and am finally able to communicate with the world again.  I will be posting several examples of things that I have done while my system was down and I look forward to getting "back on track".  As for today's post, these were three of the most lovely little individuals that I have had the pleasure to work with.  Of course they are all very accustomed to being in front of the camera since their beautiful Mother "Heather Allen" is also a  photographer in the Coos  Bay area.   As they say "Great minds think alike", so Heather and I had alot of fun prepping and posing for the camera.  Thanks for letting me be creative with you Heather!


Heather Allen Blog

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Take time to notice the little things. I feel so lucky when I am chosen to photograph someone's brand new baby.  Like with all shoots, i work very hard to make it unique and fun.  But even more so with a "Wee One"....the perfect temperature...lots of props and blankies....a place to be comfy with Mommy and plenty of time to work.   This sweet little boy was only 14 days old and very active and strong.  I just loved watching how he stared into his Mother's eyes and the bond that was already created within just two weeks.  Thank You "M" for this beautiful opportunity.

8x10 details collage

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TEAm work.

Last week Wee photos and the Grounds Cafe & Deli had their first "Afternoon Tea with a Fancy Photo Shoot".  With much preparation and many individuals who assisted in the process, our tea was a success.  Thanks so much to each of you who helped make this happen.  Your assistance, support, generosity and overall belief in this idea is truly appreciated.  Both the children and the adults seemed to have a nice time and the final result was exactly what I had hoped for.  If you or anyone would like to know more about this new offering, please feel free to call Chef Frank Murphy of the Grounds Cafe & Deli or myself...Lisa of Wee Photos. 

We would love to create this day for you.


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Always a first  

Finally... my first shoot in the new studio space and I absolutely love all of the room and conveniences that are available to me at this site:)  In addition to enjoying the new surroundings, I absolutely loved working with these three beauties.  These three were my very first customers at  my original studio 3 years ago.  I can't believe how fast time flies...."B" was just a few months old when I first photographed her and now she has such a bubbly and sweet little personality and of course we can't forget "A"....her big sister, who has an amazing ability in front of the camera.  Giggles, juice, tangerines, cookies and lots of silliness made this shoot a success.  Thanks ladies for being my "firsts" again and for making it so memorable.  

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Gratitude These past few weeks have been very busy....moving into the new studio space, getting ready for "tea" shoots and working with wonderful customers on location.  I am so grateful for all of the people I meet thanks to my work, both long term work relationships as well as new ones.  My post this week is an image from one of my recent shoots....this couple is one that I have been lucky enough to get to know over the past year.  I first photographed them when their son was born and now.....whoooooooosh a year has gone by and it was time to get more pics:)  I felt very honored that they drove all the way from California and chose me again for this day and time with so many photographers, this is a fabulous compliment.  I'm looking forward to my next few weeks of shoots and want to say "Thank You" to all of my friends, family, and supporters.


My thought for the day "Remember to Breathe".



30x30 Collage

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New & Exciting Tea Promo for Blog and Frank I am excited to say that this idea is finally a reality.  I had the thought immediately after the first "afternoon tea" I enjoyed with friends a year ago.  It alligns with everything I love....props, delicate beautiful items, flowers, fabulous food, children and of course photography.  I have been searching for just the right items for little girls to dress up in and have been working on all of the details for some time now, I still have a few things I need to complete before these begin in May, but we already have our first "Little Girls Dream Day" scheduled for  May 6th:)  Thank You very much to everyone at the "Grounds Cafe and Deli" for their enthusiasm and support.  I'm  looking forward to creating more fabulous memories for many and I believe this will be fun for everyone.  Please contact Wee Photos or The Grounds Cafe if you would like to schedule your "Tea" now:)


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Let's celebrate!


For many of you who have known me since I began my business, you know that I have had a few different studio spaces....I unfortunately had to leave my last cozy little space and have been without  since.  As you can imagine, all my props, lighting equipment, paper rolls, tripods, baffles, and doo dads are squashed into my little house and shed and I have practically no idea where anything is....very inconvenient for someone who absolutely craves creative freedom at all hours.  So I am happy to share the good news:)  I have recently found a new location for Wee Photos and am very excited to once again have a creative space where I can "hang my hat" and play....not to mention offer my customers a place to be creative and play.  I must say "Thank You" to those individuals who continually looked for viable options and continued persuading me to "not give up".  Without those "prods" I wouldn't be writing this blog post tonight.  The new studio is located right off the 101 in North Bend and many may have known it as Gallery 280.  I will be sharing this awesome new space with another fabulous photographer from the area known as Jaycee Photos...a very creative and cutting edge photographer that I am looking forward to collaborating with. 

In celebration, Wee Photos is offering the following special.   For the month of April and early May, just in time for Mother's Day, Wee Photos is inviting you to "The Studio" for Mom & child/children pictures. (Please see below)


"Celebratory"Mommy Session"  $65.00 


40 minute (In Studio) photo session.

2 5x7 Images (collage or non-collage)

I can only take on so many shoots during one month, so call or email me quickly to schedule your session. I look forward to creating more beautiful memories:)  



[email protected]

Thanks to all of my friends and family for supporting my creative dreams.

 My Quote for the month.  "It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be."  - Sue Bryce



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New Directions A very productive weekend and now I'm going through all of the images and editing....this has always been one of my favorite parts.

Their is just something special about making the final product for my client that is like wrapping a Christmas gift. Alot of my time goes into this part of the production process and I always enjoy it.   Anyway, part of the 3 day weekend included a shoot with my new friends Tiffany and Mark.....oh and their best friends Magoo and Joe.  Two very BIG beautiful dogs.  Just so you know, photographing pets has never been my forte....and I've tried many times.  I've photographed rats, goats, dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits and even a praying mantis:)  Most of the time animals want to run the other direction from me and my camera, but on this occasion it was just the much so that I even received a big wet kiss from Magoo while I was taking pictures:)

Thanks Tiffany and Mark for allowing me to capture these moments for you and a big Thx to Magoo and Joe for being such awesome posers.

I look forward to sharing more with you this week.


Best Friends blog

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