April 03, 2020



This post is one that i've been wanting to do for awhile, but have held off as it brings up so many emotions in me.  Now with time to reflect, I'm finally giving it a go;)



As a photographer, I always talk about "fleeting moments" I see the world as snapshots or photo sessions in my mind everywhere I go.  I  am a believer that whether it's with a professional photographer or even a friend who enjoys photography, it's important to document these moments and relationships. These personal connections and experiences are a part of our journey and they shape who we become.  I talk about it this all the time and i'm fortunate enough to do this for many beautiful families and individuals. I say all this and have to admit, that even with all the photos I take in my own life, I too need to document more  of the people and experiences that exist in my world. But i digress...  the following session is from five years ago, but it wasn't till more recently that it made me look more closely at my work and what I offer my customers.

My long time friend and customer had asked me to do a session while her mother was visiting from the midwest.  She wanted something that included her mother, her beautiful daughters and herself.  Essentially three generations of the beautiful females in her family.   We planned the studio session and had a fun afternoon capturing images of these lovely ladies snuggling and giggling. At the time, it was like many of my sessions where I enjoy our time together, capture the connection, share my joy and passion while providing my customer with their desired final products and they were happy. 


Without going into too much detail, my dear friend's mother became ill and everything changed. It was hard to learn of her mother's illness as this woman was a world traveler, a motivated woman who stood with intensity and strength.  I still remember the morning my friend wrote to let me know her mother had passed, it was New Year's day and  I was absolutley NOT expecting this news. My heart was heavy as I knew my friend and her family were hurting. In that same conversation, I was informed that the images from this session were to be used for the memorial and that this was how they wanted their mother to be remembered.  It was a moment that i won't forget...these images carried weight to them, these were now what I always spoke about, "moments that can never be captured again".  I'm honored to have been able to make these images.

IMG_2274IMG_2274 IMG_2187IMG_2187


When we realize that everyday is a gift and that none of us knows what tomorrow will bring, the world looks different, so take some time today to just stop and be in the moment.  Take it in and cherish it....whether that's in a picture, journaling, a poem or some other way of holding it close to your heart. 


Much love,









Due to all that is taking place with the Corona Virus.  I am presently holding off on planning future photo sessions.  I trust all of you are well and i look forward to when we can create together again.  I miss so many of you.


Lisa Michele