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My head feels as if it is spinning with ideas lately.....things I want to make, Ideas I want to try, and goals I want to accomplish for both business and personal reasons.  Today, I had many things on my list to accomplish, but as always I need to prioritize and find time for my family as well.  It's 3:00 on Sunday afternoon and I've barely accomplished a thing....I did make a lovely french toast breakfast and get the house a bit in order for the upcoming week...Sunday morning's are often a time when I become a bit on the "annoying" side. It's as if the walls are closing in on me and I want everything back in its place.  I want the house in order so that we can be more productive during the school the homework we have dance clothes about grocery needs etc... As you can imagine, when Mom rises it can be a bit stressful to those living here.  Thank goodness I have two amazing helpers that work with me and once my concerns are settled, I seem to be able to breathe again and relax for the remainder of the day.  So here I am just about to write and I feel the need to take a walk give me 30 minutes and I shall return:)

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I"m back....and wish I could say it was 30 minutes, but life took over and dinner had to be made along with dishes to be cleaned and baths to be given.  I try to remind myself that it's all these little daily tasks that make up the moments in our life...and it's these moments that need to be treasured.  Someday my little girl will be grown up and I'll wish I had all of these things to do:)  I already look back and miss those moments when she needed me to get her dressed and read her to sleep...all things that at the time seemed monotonous and now they are gone.  So my point today is that... well...I don't have a point really, I simply feel all over the map today, but as I looked over my imagery from the last few days, the one thing I see as a constant is the idea of gratitude.  I am exhilarated with all of the positive feedback I have received from my customers, both old and new. Many new inquiries are coming in and I feel so honored that my work is of interest to others.  I will admit, that I am my hardest critic and even after 20 yrs of working in video and photography, I feel overwhelmed with all one must know to stay current in the field.  My most recent shoots these past few weeks were with brand new customers and I am so happy to create new friendships while creating memories for these families. Their belief in my abilities overwhelms me and it forces me to really look at myself and how the outside world views me.   The images above were moments that stopped me or made me see how lucky I am in my life.  They are the simple little moments in life that pass by and I say "Thank You" for letting me see these and recognize them.  Take a few moments to recognize the signs of change in your world and just stop to inhale the moment before it is gone.


Due to all that is taking place with the Corona Virus.  I am presently holding off on planning future photo sessions.  I trust all of you are well and i look forward to when we can create together again.  I miss so many of you.


Lisa Michele