A first.

October 18, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

FB Promo 6x9 What a wonderful first!   This lovely young lady was my first H.S. Senior shoot and boy did it bring up a lot of feelings.  One thought that continually crossed my mind was....."my little girl will be here at some point".  Can't even imagine my baby being a Senior in H.S. and ready to leave the nest!@#$%^&*  In addition, while shooting a teenager, I didn't have to sing "twinkle twinkle little star" once...and still she shined:)  Thank You "A" for choosing Wee Photos to capture these images.  I trust they will forever remind you of this special time in life.  I can tell you are going to have an amazing adventure, your goals and dreams sound fabulous:)

Go forward and conquer!


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Due to all that is taking place with the Corona Virus.  I am presently holding off on planning future photo sessions.  I trust all of you are well and i look forward to when we can create together again.  I miss so many of you.


Lisa Michele