Welcome to Lisa Michele's BLOG.  My posts tend to be sporadic, and visually heavy...i love to share things that i'm not only doing within my business, but what is also going on in my little world.  I hope you enjoy getting to know me and what I am truly passionate about.



Papaya Dulce

October 13, 2016
Recently had the opportunity to photograph some of Papaya Dulce's lovely jewelery line. I've known this beautiful young woman since before she was born and it was truly i...
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Creative Freedom

October 15, 2015
What more could an artist desire than CREATIVE FREEDOM....and that is exactly what dropped into my lap this past Summer when Dr. Heidi Pahls of Bee Happy Dentistry asked...
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Into the Fog

September 11, 2015
It was a windy, foggy morning (always my favorite) not only because fog provides an ethereal backdrop, but it also feels healing in someway. I decided to take a long walk...
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